Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pastor Ruth Mitchell

That title " pastor Ruth" seems strange to me . I'm going to honest here ( Cuz that's how I roll ) the title of pastor conjures a image in my mind of someone unapproachable , at least for someone like me.

trust me when i say that if you looked up the definition of approachable , Pastor Ruth's picture would be right next to it. You could also find her next to fun , sincere , and all around awesome .

And if you happen to be Alexis , Ashlynn or Myka , you would see her picture next to Go-Go . ( African for Grandma ) .

Check out pastor Ruth and all the other amazing pastors at City of Grace church . They have amazing ministries for the entire family .

Oh , do you agree with me when I say she so does not look like a grandma??

We love you Pastor Ruth "aka" Mom !

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