Sunday, August 29, 2010

Erin and Renny

 My favorite moment from todays engagement session on Mill was when I was taking pictures of the future bride Erins shirt. I loved the writing on it and wanted to make sure I took a picture that showed it off.

The words on the shirt read "Wild and Free" . As I was snapping the pic the future groom Renny joked that she would not be wild and free for long. I had to laugh when he said it.

But that statement is not entirely not true. I honestly can not imagine a greater freedom then being in love . True love brings you the freedom to be your self . To be happy and secure.  To laugh, cry, and just be.

You can tell that these two have found true freedom in love. I am so excited to shoot their wedding in October that has been eight years in the making !!

Congratulations Erin and Renny !!
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After all that work , we needed a drink !!
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Monday, August 23, 2010


I absolutely love weddings. They are probably my favorite thing to photograph. I always feel so special to be asked to be a part of someones special day. To capture the memories  that are the start of a new family.

One of my brides had this to say about her experience with Laurenjean photography

"One of the most special days in a person’s life, is their wedding day; because this day is so important it is awesome when you are able to find a professional person that not only makes everyone feel comfortable, but is able to capture those special moments with incredible photographs. This is exactly how my new husband and I feel about Lauren Mitchell, from Lauren Jean Photography; she was able to capture the highlights of our wedding and not only are our posed pictures great, but she was able to capture our candid moments beautifully and as we look at our pictures now, we are able to see the joy and love in everyone’s eyes as we can still feel the overwhelming emotion of that day. Thank you Lauren for providing us with these images that we will treasure forever and that we will be able to share with our loved ones and each other throughout what we hope to be a long and beautiful life together."

Eternally Grateful,

Michael and Xochitl Johnson 

I consider it a honor to be a part of each and every wedding I photograph. If you are getting married or know someone who is. Please contact me for availability. I am hoping 2011 will be a epic year for me and my dream of being a wedding photographer. anyone who books a date for 2011 will receive 25% off what ever package they choose and a free engagement session if they mention this blog post.  Please visit for details on pricing. 

below are a few of my favorite images from weddings I have photographed.  
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i heart faces

I heart I heart faces. This weeks them was beach pictures. This pic is from this summer. She was so scared to go in the water. But her Daddy took her by the hand and promised to keep her safe. I jumped in front of them to take a picture and then out of nowhere a huge wave came and almost knocked me over.

But her daddy kept her by the hand. And was good on his promise.

She was safe.

I snapped this right as the wave was about to hit. The look on her face is just priceless.

Happy Monday !
BW Essence

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We scout Wednesday

The assignment  on scoutie girl is simple. Share a little bit of your summer in black and white. I want to share a lot of bit lol. But thesse are my favorites from the summer.

BW Essence audrey 2
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BW Essence miss A
BW Essence

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lunchtime on Tuesday

Sometimes I avoid blogging because i have nothing profound to say. Not that when I do blog i am profoundy sounding or anything . But I like to have a point ya know.

But today as I was watching Myka finish up her lunch I took out my camera and snapped a few pics. And I really like them .

I need to remember these moments.
BW Essencecherish them.

She is two years old now. And it will go by fast .
(are all two year olds this messy?)
My ten year old reminds me of that everyday.having kids who were all born in August is emotional overload. No mom should have to go through her babies growing up all at the same time. I guess moms with twins deal with this. If you are reading this and you have twins you will have to let me know if it is double the emotion.

Monday, August 16, 2010

My futures so bright............

I have to wear shades.

Seriously, I love this girl. See more shades at over at I heart faces.


Monday, August 9, 2010

More time.

Anyone else suck at time management ? We have a new ritual at our house these days (more like nights) . It involves me patting Mykas back until she falls asleep in her big girl bed..  part of me is relishing in rubbing my sweet babies hair back from her eyes as she drifts off to dreamland. But the other part of me is freaking out on the inside because my mind cant stop racing about what I COULD be doing. Tonight's thoughts were drifting to tomorrows open house at the girls school. I am picturing showing up with home made , delicious chocolate chip cookies . Just a small token of my appreciation for the woman who will be around my child more then me for the next nine months.

Then I think about having to go to the store to buy the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. Then i think that while I'm there I should buy stuff to make a extra special dinner tomorrow night in honor of the first day of school.

Then I think about having to spend all that time at the store............
and all that time in the kitchen...............
and then I decide that it would be more fun to do THIS .

in other news there was a monster at our house today. true story !!!!
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