Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lunchtime on Tuesday

Sometimes I avoid blogging because i have nothing profound to say. Not that when I do blog i am profoundy sounding or anything . But I like to have a point ya know.

But today as I was watching Myka finish up her lunch I took out my camera and snapped a few pics. And I really like them .

I need to remember these moments.
BW Essencecherish them.

She is two years old now. And it will go by fast .
(are all two year olds this messy?)
My ten year old reminds me of that everyday.having kids who were all born in August is emotional overload. No mom should have to go through her babies growing up all at the same time. I guess moms with twins deal with this. If you are reading this and you have twins you will have to let me know if it is double the emotion.

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Helen said...

Oh how sweet to see our 2 year old doing what we often just rush through. You are wise to capture each moment because as you say it will all go by to quick! Love you!!

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