Saturday, July 31, 2010

And we have a winner !

Congratulations to Marla and her two adorable little boys !! They are the winners of the laurenjean Christmas in July family photo shoot. Thank you to everyone who entered and voted. Remember my next giveaway will be when I reach 700 fans. I will be giving away wedding photography package !!!! that's right one lucky couple getting married in 2011 will have the chance to win a FREE wedding photography package !! I am excited for this one !!

Below are the dates I am booking for Holiday  pictures, Please leave the date and time you are interested in below in the comment section and leave your e mail address and I will be in touch. As the date become taken I will cross them off the list.

The laurenjean Christmas family package is $200.00 dollars and includes a one hour photo session for up too 7 people. A high resolution cd of all your images ( 20-25) that you may have printed wherever you would like. And 25 unique Christmas cards with your favorite pose from your session.

available dates are......

October 8th    

October 10th

October 15th

October 16th

October 23

October 17th.

October 22

October 24th

all sessions will be in the evening. I will book dates in November as needed. I have several locations to choose from. I am so excited !! Please feel free to e mail me with any questions laurenkenna@gmail. com .

and because i can't leave you without a picture here is a snap shot of lexi I took about a week ago.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is my 100th blog post.

And all I have to share are random thoughts.

We are home from our two week stay in Wisconsin. We had so much fun. It was the kind of trip that was good for the soul. I saw my 93 year old grandmother and when I hugged her all was right with the world. I drove down to the Chicago area and saw my best friend and her beautiful babies. Her daughter Sophia and Myka are the same age. I just know that they are going to be the best of friends someday. We were even able to squeeze in a photo shoot while I was there. But More on that later.

School starts in Two weeks !! I cant the song " its the Most wonderful time of the year " out of my head. it may not really be the MOST wonderful time of the year, but its darn close. I am anxious for the routine of school to start back up again. 

Myka learned how to crawl out of her crib !! This has put a whole new spin on bed time. I know its time for a big girl bed but I need to baby proof her room first. *sigh* I really enjoyed having some where to put her when I needed her to stay put.

On the flight back from Wisconsin I sat next to the man who owns all the dunkin donuts in the valley. He was very nice. He didn't complain once that Ashlynn and Myka kept switching seats with each other. Or that Ashlynn had to go to the rest room five times. He even laughed when Myka asked him to rub her tummy. ( he then informed her that mommy would be better at it ).

back to the reason for this blog The pictures,

We did this shoot in Libertyville. The town I grew up in, on the street me and My best friend both grew up on. It was the perfect street to be a kid on. It was the kind of neighborhood where people knew their  neighbors and the kids played together from sun up to sun down.


DSC_0378 bblog
DSC_0180 blog

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun is a understatement.

sd blog

to say we had fun on vacation would be a understatement.

We had like superfun !! The bestest fun ever !!! The most fun of our entire lives !!

Ok, I am quoting my 6 year old. but she summed up the trip well. I am convinced that San Diego is the best place to spend the fourth of July in the world. The weather was perfect. Some might say it was chilly. But my Arizona skin just soaked it up.  We watched the fireworks over the water. I took pictures while my husband comforted a terrified baby.

We went to the beach twice .

 And spent a day at Sea world. Shamu was a no go. But the sea lions were awesome.

Now I am getting ready for two weeks in Wisconsin. I hope it rains. It looks like my wish will probably come true. I am excited to sit on the porch of my grandmas house and drink ice tea. I will also get to meet my best friends children and my new cousin.

So excited.

here are some more pictures from our trip.

DSC_0077 - Copy

My husbands grandparents.they have been married 50 years. I cant wait to say that someday :)

DSC_0003 - Copy

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas in July .

San Diego was simply wonderful. My husbands grandparents were AMAZING hosts as usual. And my fourth of July was the best I have had in years.

I have many, many, many, pictures to share with you all.

But onto more important things.

It is time for a GIVEAWAY !! if you follow me on my facebook then you know about a week go I looked at my number of "likes" and thought "I want more people to like me".

Hey I am co-dependent . I'm ok with it. But only if you will all promise to still like me k :).

I promised that if the number of likes got to 300 that I would do a giveaway. And I am a girl of my word so on the road trip home from San Diego i cooked up a fun little contest for you all.

here's the 411

The contest is called Christmas in July because the prize will be a FREE holiday photo session with yours truly. You and up too 7 people you call family will meet me at a location of your choice in the month of October. We will sing, laugh, dance , maybe share a hot dog or two......
oh.... and we will take pictures. Lots of pictures. And then i will go home and edit those pictures and give them to you on a cd. You will get 20-25 pictures to be exact. And you may print them wherever you would like because thats how I roll. You will also receive 25 awesome unique Christmas cards to send to all your loved ones with your favorite pose from our session. This is a $200.00 dollar value folks.

how to enter

I thought long and hard about the kind of photo people should enter for the contest. And since it is a free family session I think the cutest family photo should win it. So e mail me at your favorite family snapshot. The picture must be of your whole family. that can be so many different things. It can be you and your dog. A husband and wife, a mom dad and 5 kids. I just want to see the people you love and would want photographed.
And since there is no way i can pick the cutest family picture I will let the world of social net working decide. After you email me the pic I will upload it to my my laurenjean photography fan page on facebook. Tell all your friends and family to come vote for your pic. The contest starts NOW and goes until midnight July 31st. people may comment on your pic but only "likes" count as votes. remember the sooner you enter the more chance you have to get votes.

the fine print

The pictures may not be professional.Even if laurenjean photography took them. They must be snapshots. The free session must be used in the month of October.The picture must include everyone that will be photographed in the session. So you may have to ask your neighbor to grab a pic of everyone before dinner one night. The pictures will be posted on facebook within 24 hours of when I receive them. No tagging your pics. People need to visit my page to vote.

i am so EXCITED !!!
After the contest i will start booking sessions for Christmas pictures. I have already had people contact me about holiday pictures . Spaces will go fast!!!

I will write a post later about our fourth of July fun. but for now. Here is my new favorite pic EVER !!

DSC_0014 - Copy
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