Sunday, August 29, 2010

Erin and Renny

 My favorite moment from todays engagement session on Mill was when I was taking pictures of the future bride Erins shirt. I loved the writing on it and wanted to make sure I took a picture that showed it off.

The words on the shirt read "Wild and Free" . As I was snapping the pic the future groom Renny joked that she would not be wild and free for long. I had to laugh when he said it.

But that statement is not entirely not true. I honestly can not imagine a greater freedom then being in love . True love brings you the freedom to be your self . To be happy and secure.  To laugh, cry, and just be.

You can tell that these two have found true freedom in love. I am so excited to shoot their wedding in October that has been eight years in the making !!

Congratulations Erin and Renny !!
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After all that work , we needed a drink !!
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Robin Norgren said...

oh my gosh Lauren- these photos ARE TRULY so yummy!

Ruth said...

these pics are great ..enough to make a mom and mom in law to be cry

Caton Ann said...

oh my gosh, amazing!!!!!

Helen said...

Oh how great these are and the best subjects!! Of course I am not the least bit prejudice!! :)

Kennagurl said...

of course not :)

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