Monday, December 28, 2009

A Mitchellish Christmas

Phew ! I can't believe Christmas is over all ready. I am always a mix of emotions this time of year. I love the Christmas lights , and the hustle and bustle of Christmas. But i am also ready for it to be over.

I have to say though , this was one of the best Christmas's I have ever had. Christmas day was spent with My awesome in laws at their home in Phoenix. The kids were spoiled as usual and the food was AMAZING ! I think my favorite part was playing Band hero with my hubby and all of his siblings.

The next day we had our Mitchell Christmas. The kids played with all of their cousins and had so much fun ! It is so special to be apart of this family. I grew up a only child and holidays were always kind of lame. My mom did her best , but I always felt the loneliness of wanting to be a part of a big family. I am so happy that my three girls get to grow up in a family filled with so much love.

So Merry late Christmas from laurenJean photography !! 2009 was awesome and I have even bigger things in store for 2010 ! Too kick things off next weekend I have a engagement shoot in Greer Arizona. SNOW !!! I am so excited !!! I can't wait to show you all the pictures.

In the mean time here are some snapshots from our Christmas. And at the end is my first attmpt a video. this is another avenue of photography i am excited to explore and learn more about in the coming year!

May you all have a blessed and Happy New year !!

Ashlynn spreading some Christmas love


Great Grandpa. I really like this picture .`

Great Grandma and Grandpa
The older cousins. Arent they all gorgeous ! ? And Myka with Uncle Brandon

and I hope this video makes you as happy as it makes me !

A Mitchellish Christmas ! from kennagurls on Vimeo.

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Josey's mom said...

what a year you have had! You took a leap and look at where it has taken you! I am so pleased to be able to watch and cheer as your hard work pays off. May GOD continue to bless you in 2010 dear friend.

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