Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Awesome Blogs !

I really think I am turning into a blog-a-holic. Are there support groups for that ? I just LOVE looking at other peoples blogs. My favorite blogs are ( duh ) photography blogs. I am a super huge fan of Blue Lilly photography. I have never met this awesome duo in person. But Wendy and Tyler seem to be the shiz-nit . One day I will get them to take my picture . In the mean time if you want some awesome pictures and your in any of these areas , you most definitely should hook up with them.

Tell them Lauren sent you.

And then they will look at you funny because they have no idea who I am.........

Moving on..........

Have you ever heard the phrase Mom-tog ? I had not until I stumbled across This blog. Drew is a super awesome Mom-tog who lives in California. I love all the tips and tricks she gives in her blog. One of the things I love about it is that its not geared towards just professional photographers. It for moms and Dads who simply want to take better pictures of their kids.
And her son is such a cutie !!!

And now onto ME !!!

I am still building my portfolio so e - mail me if you want to be a part of the action . I am looking to do all types of event and portrait photography. If you have a idea , let me know . I am game for almost anything ( almost)


whitty-acres said...

I do like to think we are the shiz-nit. You rock for posting this- I hope you win!!!!!!!

wendy from BL

Robin Norgren said...

I am with you on my blog addiction-it is my own form of "reality" TV since we do not have cable. It is also helps me to feel connected when my kid is acting crazy and I dare not venture in the real world and inflict it on others :O

Lerin said...

I'm a blog addict too! Following you from CafeMom. Thanks for the links... I'm going to check them out!!!

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