Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Contests and nine year olds !

Ok , so I have posted A LOT about how much I love this photographer. Her name is Wendy and she is who I want to be when I grow up. She just posted on her blog that she is doing a give a that has killer prizes. You win a free shoot ( normally 400 dollars ) A huge canvas , 20 pics on a cd AWESOME ! The best part, you get to have dinner with her afterwards !!!

The rules are simple. You have to show her that YOU WANT TO WIN ! You can use pics videos blogs anything. It just has to be crazy !

I WILL do almost anything !

I know how you all can help me !! My pal on facebook came up with this idea. OK, here is a link to Wendy and Tyler from Blue lily's blog. Go on check out thier pics and bask in the awessomeness that is blue lily. When you are done basking , leave them a comment telling them how awesome thier pictures are anddddd how much your friend Lauren Mitchell wants to win.

If I can get 100 people to check out her website and leave her a comment I will do something crazy , like really crazy ................

I don't know what yet but I think it will involve body paint , a video camera and public places.

I also have my own crazy entry in the works that I am e mailing to them . I will post that for you asap !

come on folks it will only take a second and eyes will thank you for it !

Oh real quick , the blog I am directing you too is Blue lilys blog and blue lily pictures. Not mine. I think there may have been some confusion earlier.

But fir the people who have already commented about laurenjean photography , A huge thank you !!

New update

My friend Stacy had the wonderful idea that as well as doing something crazy , I should also do something good for some Pug pups ! If I get 100 comments on blue lilys blog about this post I will do a free photoshoot for this group !

help me and some doggies out !

blue lilly link

Doggie link


i think I need to learn how to clean a shotgun.

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