Thursday, September 3, 2009

And the winner is ............

I can't just tell you the winner that quick. First I have to tell you all that I made a tutu for Ashlynn. Now this may seem like a small thing to all you crafty mama's out there. But in my world , this was a big deal. I am going to make three for Halloween this year. I started with Ashlynn because she is the middle child. And let's face it , how often does the middle child get something first ?

Now on to the contest. Thank you so much everyone for entering I was overwhelmed by the amount of votes ! I can't thank you all enough for getting the word out there about laurenjean photography.

Before I announce the winner I wanted to go over a few things. This contest was the official start of bookings for Christmas sessions. A Christmas session will include a 1-2 hour outdoor photo session at a location of your choice for up too 6 people. Each person after that is 10 dollars. You will receive a cd with 20-30 of your best images . You may share these pictures online ,and print them any where you would like. You will also receive 4 5x7's , 4 8x10's and 25 Christmas cards . The cost of the holiday package is 150.00 . If you have a large group you would like photographed contact me and we can work out a package price. I am booking holiday sessions NOW. I am expecting sessions to fill up fast.

As a Thank you for entering the contest each contestant will receive the holiday package for 125.oo . Plus 15% off print orders , if you book in the next two weeks and pay your deposit in the next two weeks.

I am also booking Halloween sessions. If you book a session in October and bring your children's Halloween costumes along. I will throw in 5 extra pictures of your pumpkin's in their costumes at no extra charge.

ok ,ok , here are a few more pictures of my lil' pumpkin. Then I will announce the winner's !

and the winner is .................

NANI !!!!!!!

Congats Nani and family !! You win the free holiday session . Please e mail me at too set up your session. And the winner's of the free mini session are Michael and Gabriel. I used the very scientific method of picking names out of a hat for this one.

so remember e mail me and book your date in the next two weeks to receive 25 dollars off your holiday session and 15% off your print orders .

I am already planning my next giveaway , stay tuned.


stacy said...

ASHLYNN LOOKS STUNNING!!! the last shot is my favorite. WOW!!!!! you go girls!!! L, i knew there was a crafty mama in you!

Jackie said...

Lauren, the contest was fun and I had a great time participating. What mom doesn't want to have her precious babies' photos viewed by sooooo many people! Excellent idea to have the contest. PLEASE keep them coming!!!

Kennagurl said...

I plan on it Jackie ! It was fun :)

Tanya said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH LAUREN!! I am so excited for the photot shoot and this was an excellent idea for you to promote your work. I LOVE the pics you have been posting. I will email you to set up our photo shoot and I also have two other friends interested in booking a Xmas session.

Kennagurl said...

Awesome !

Josey's mom said...

big shout for making your girl's tutus! It is a powerful thing to make something beautiful, isn't it?

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