Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love it when I can see me in a photo.

i cried when i was done editing this one. When i first started in my photography journey a few months ago i saw a picture like this one on another photographers blog. i remember thinking that i would never be as good as her . That I could never take pictures like she did.

I started scouring blogs of other photographers , trying to emulate their styles and pictures. But That one picture has always stuck out in my head.

So when i saw this pic from my last session I knew how I wanted to edit it. I knew how I wanted it look.When I was all done , I realized that I could see me taking the picture in the reflection of his eyes.

I realized that I could see ME in the picture . Not her style , or his style , but my style.



Chelsie Hanson Photography said...

Awesome! I think we all have moments like that when we see others work, and wish we could just be that good, or the doubt that we might not ever get that good...Its the coolest feeling in the world when we set goals and then acheive them. Its all the more reason to constantly be setting higher and higher goals, and just keep going! Glad to have read this. ;)

Josey's mom said...

Good work, friend. Your hard work is paying off

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