Sunday, May 16, 2010

We were sick last week.

Tonight i am feeling tired and a little run down. I am sure i am just feeling the residual effects of the crazy mutated virus we caught last week. Will got sick on mothers day and we all followed suit. By Wednesday morning I gave up pretending like things were normal in our home and just rolled with it. Thank goodness my older daughters are awesome at making to the bathroom when they feel funny in the tummy. The baby well.... I can deal with that. My husband was so sweet to put up with me falling asleep to old Mary Tyler Moore episodes every night. For some reason when I am sick I need to fall asleep watching t.v.

So needless to say I am behind on my editing and blogging. But i had to share these darling pics of my friend Jenn and her family. Jenn was the winner of a free photo shoot from Laurenjean photography. Thanks for coming out Jenn !! I had so much fun with you guys :)

DSC_0253 blog
DSC_0232DSC_0225 blog
DSC_0213DSC_0184 blog

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