Friday, April 30, 2010

Be a poser !!

I remember when I first started out I used to spend hours looking at blogs and studying posing techniques. I wondered how photographers caught those "it" moments. You know the moments when the couple seems unaware that the camera is even there as they giggle and tell inside jokes. The moment between a father and a daughter that is so precious it makes your heart melt. Or the exact moment a family erupts in laughter all at the same time.

I wanted to learn to capture those :it" moments.

There was just one problem , every family I photographed just stood there and expected me to know what to do. Didn't they know they should be frolicking together. That they should act natural and just let me take a thousand pictures of them being "natural"

But what is being natural ? And how do you feel natural when you're all dressed up in a public place with a photographer who you probably barely know following you around telling you to act natural ?

easy peasy.

Come up with some simple silly interactions that for the family or couple to do together. For example. Ask everyone to try to make the baby laugh .
DSC_0035 blog

It takes the families focus off the camera and puts it where it belongs. On each other. Another trick I use for large families Is I ask them to pose themselves how they are comfortable when they get ready for a shot. I find that natural family connections shine through this way. Then I move them as needed to make sure everyone's happy smiling face can be seen.

DSC_0216 blog

And then I tell the kids to tickle Mom and Dad. ( the kiddos love this one)

DSC_0222 blog
And sometimes i ask them to walk away from me and then i tell "BOO" really loud so they all turn around.
DSC_0206 blog

Poses like these help loosen a family up not only with each other but with you the photographer as well. After a few fun ones the magic really shines through. Then you can get pictures like this that truly capture the love and joy between a family. They look natural, but were achieved with direction.

DSC_0230 blog

And one last piece of advice. Never stop taking pictures .

Even when no one is looking...
BW Essence 2 round blog
because you don't want to miss the small moments that speak BIG words about love.
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