Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am having a love affair........

With black and white photography. Its funny how you could put the same model in front of 10 different photographers and all ten images that are captured will look completely different. Some photographers are bright and bold with their colors. Some use lots of photoshop techniques to make the images come alive with uncommon colors and textures. Others are more subdued and laid back. They keep things simple, and clean. Some are soulful and use rich tones shadows to accentuate the subject in the picture. I would classify my " style' as bubbly, bright, fun. And it works, but lately i have been testing the waters trying to capture images with more soul to them. I have found that black and white really helps you do that.

For you aspiring photogs out there I know you will understand me when i say that black and white pictures are no easy feat. It is not done by just clicking a button in photoshop. You want the perfect blend of blacks and whites. Its a game of trial and error until you find the mix of blacks and whites that makes the image come to life.

Until i saw these images i don't think i really realized how loudly black and white pictures can speak. The motivation for this shoot started with my clients desire to have pictures of her daughter in a baby cradle. But not just any cradle.This is the cradle that she herself had slept in as a baby. And the cradle that her mother had slept in as as well .

I really wanted these pictures to have a timeless feel to them. Like they could have been taken in any era. And of course I had some super adorable models. Someone asked me how i make my pictures black and white. my answer was simple, i know its right when the picture " sings" to me.

I hope these pictures sing to you too :) thanks Kristen for coming out and bringing your adorable babies.

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bw sawyer blog
kristen bw baby g


Josey's mom said...

I love that song! Will we get to "hear" the one with the cradle?

Kennagurl said...

ugh, I meant to post it ! This is what I get for blogging so late at night :P

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