Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Quit !

thats right ladies and gentlemen. i quit !! i have had it with photography. never again will i worry about shutter speed or aperture ! I will NOT stay up until 3 aM editing pictures ever again !

I AM DONE !!!!

JUST KIDDING ! happy April fools day everyone !! Seriously as if i could ever quit. Photography is like breathing to me. I need my camera as much as I need air. I need it like a fish needs water or a car needs tires or a......

well you get it.

Happy April ! I love April for so many reasons. April is my birthday month. This year i will be celebrating the third anniversary of my 25th birthday. More on my feelings about that later. I also love April because of Easter. I know Easter is not always in April but most of the time it is. i remember my 16th birthday actually fell on Easter day. i was so upset because no where was open. And all my friends were busy with their families. I remember my mom going out of her way to make the day special for me. Last year my birthday was on Easter too. Only this time i wasn't so upset about it.
April is a fun month all around. Speaking of fun , I had a blast with Laura and Ash a few weeks ago on Mill Ave. The weather was perfect for picture taking and these guys were up for anything. I can't wait to photograph their wedding in May. And just for fun here is your slideshow !

Enjoy ! And happy Easter. if you dont know the reason for Easter click here . And if you are in the phoenix area and looking for a AWESOME Easter Sunday service check out here. maybe I will see you there !

DSC_0024 edit blog
DSC_0284 blogDSC_0292 blog
DSC_0047 edit blog
DSC_0213 blogDSC_0156 blog
DSC_0336 edit blog


Josey's mom said...

the Black and White one of this coupLe is INCREDIBLE!

Erin said...

wow, beautiful pictures!

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