Monday, April 12, 2010

some things.......

in honor of my 28th birthday i decided to make a list of some random things about my childhood and life that i feel like have helped make me who I am today. The good the bad, and the just plain lauren moments.....

1. When i was about 7 years old i was attacked by a bumble bee in my back yard. The bee stung me 5 times before I made it inside. It then proceeded to ram its self into the screen door repeatedly until my dad went out side and killed it. Ever since that day I have been terrified of bees.

2.i grew up right next to rail road tracks. I lived in a suburb of Chicago so the train ran all the time. I never noticed the noise until i moved away from it. where we live now there is a train about a mile away from us. Sometimes I stay up late just so i can hear it go by at midnight. i close my eyes and imagine my old house and rainbow bite bed. It brings me comfort.

3.i once locked my keys in my car with my car running twice in the same day.

4.After my Dad died sometimes me and my mom would stay up late and watch Nick-at-nite together. the theme songs from Mary tyler morre and dick van dyke still make me smile.

5. I choked on a piece of hard candy on a field trip to a fire station when I was in second grade. i actually passed out . I think its why i cant eat hard candy now. i have a insane fear of choking.

6.My all time favorite tv show is Roseanne. i dont know why. i just think its really funny.

7. I met my husband when I was 12. but it took me until I was 23 to realize he was my soul mate.

8.I have known most of my friends since third grade. some even longer.

9. I have ADD. Like for real . So school was always really hard. I wish i would have done better. But i think it fuels me to make sure my daughters do well.

10. i love photography. Duh, I mean I really love it. I feel like when I look through the lens the world makes sense again. maybe its a control thing ??? But it make me complete.

And last but not least.... I got to take pictures of this cute little guy over the weekend !

DSC_0163 blog
DSC_0048 blog
DSC_0064 blog


Jock Bethune said...

Happy Birthday, Lauren Jean! God bless and keep you!
a friend of your mom!

Josey's mom said...

wow! It was so good to find out
"little" things about you. You are a beautiful soul and I feel so blessed to know you.

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