Thursday, April 22, 2010

It was windy out today.

This time of year is so bittersweet. While the rest of the country is rejoicing in the bliss of springtime and dreaming of summertime, we in Arizona are preparing to hibernate for 5 months.
The past few weeks we have been in the 90's. The sun has been shining down its violent rays warning us of the temperatures to come. To make matters worse. Our air conditioning is broke. I think God is testing me.

But today *sigh* today was a gift from heaven. Today i stepped out into the parking lot of the grocery store and smelled rain. I LOVE the smell of rain. The air this afternoon was thick with it. I was positively giddy as I loaded my children and groceries into the car. Delighting in every cold raindrop that hit my skin. As I closed the van doors and made my way to return my shopping cart, I closed my eyes and pretended i was back in Chicago.

It was nice.

Today was nice.

Rain is nice.

babies with no pants on while they play outside in the rain are nice.


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Josey's mom said...

save some of that great weather for me!

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