Thursday, April 8, 2010


I remember the day like it was yesterday.I was standing in church talking with a new mom I had met at MOPS. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty . The voice in my head saying "just tell her you are a photographer." Before i knew it those words were coming out of my mouth.
As soon as i said it her face lit up and she said " I would love for you to take some pictures of my baby "
I was on cloud nine. I remember the thrill of booking those first few shoots. The idea that people would pay me to do what i loved was mind blowing. Lets be honest it still is. I feel so honored to be a part of every memory that I capture.
I have a friend who is a amazing artist and writer. She is always posting the most amazing quotes about art, inspiration, and creativity. I had the pleasure of helping her with some pictures a few months ago. i remember meeting at the mesa art center and talking for what seemed like forever about our different art forms. It was so great to sit down and chat with someone who "gets" it. She is one of the many blogs I draw inspiration from on a almost daily basis. There are so many others.

I am telling you all something I don't think I have ever spoken out loud to anyone other then my husband. i want to inspire people. I want to touch peoples emotions with my work the way i have been touched by others work. I want to grow as a artist and help others grow too. I have had so many bloggers inspire me over the past year. I know i don't comment much. But please know that i am reading. And you are helping water the creative seeds inside of me. People who take the time to share their work and day to day struggles are helping young artists flourish.

I had the pleasure a reconnecting with that mom from MOPS and her darling daughter a few weeks ago. She is one now. And is so much fun. She is walking and talking. Her eyes were so bright and full of life. She has grown so much since her last shoot with me.

We both have.

Happy birthday baby Briana !!!!

from our shoot a year ago........

baby blues

and here are a few from a few weeks ago. Enjoy !

DSC_0034 edit blog
DSC_0249 edit blog
DSC_0068 edit blog

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Josey's mom said...

Ah sweet friend, thank you so much! I am almost in tears looking at these pics-look at how much YOU'VE GROWN! Love you and am so SO happy to see that your hard work is paying off!

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