Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A girl's best friend .

One of the kajillion reasons I love what I do so much is the AMAZING people I get to meet. Like my friend Stacy. You met Stacy and her family here . Stacy is a foster parent for The Arizona pug association. She opens up her home and her heart to Pugs who are waiting for a forever family.

It was through Stacy that I had the pleasure of meeting Laura this past weekend. Laura is a foster parent as well. From the moment I met her I could sense the love that she had for her best friends.

I wish that I could have taken pictures of all the sweet Pugs at Laura's house. But Sunday was Lil' Debbies day to shine !! She was such a great model. I have never done a animal shoot before Lil' Debbie. But I hope I will get to do more in the future.

Thanks Laura for allowing me into your home and to meet your Lil ' princess :)

Enjoy !!


stacy said...

thanks Laur!
gotta love this little debbie

Meggotography said...


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