Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet baby Kali . ( contest below )

Sweet baby Kali everyone !!!

Congrats Shilo and matt. She is perfect in every way .

Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

Lauren these are amazing and beautiful. I can't wait until Will has your website up and running!!!
-Meghan S

stacy said...

AMAZING - i love that little BUTT picture;)

Kennagurl said...

I love baby butts ! Your pics are coming :)

Shilo said...

Wow, I love that last one.

Anonymous said...

These look great Lauren!!!! Beautiful!

Matt Birnie said...

I like how the baby is not crying or pooping in any of your pictures. Good timing! That is the good part of babies.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures!!

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