Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Give away !

I am in love folks. Yup , its true. am in love with life these days and fell like spreading some sunshine. Some exciting things have been happening at laurenJean photography the past few weeks and to celebrate, I decided it was time for another giveaway ! But first check out these super cute leggings I got from knottybaby on ETSY .

Digi Cam 553
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ok , back to the giveaway !

What you get- a family photoshoot for up too 7 people at a outdoor location of your choice ( within 20 miles of Gilbert Arizona)

a blog posted within 3 days of your session giving you a sneak peek

a online gallery within 2-3 weeks of your images that you may share with family and friends.

a full resolution cd with 15-20 of your best images from your session.

How to enter- its easy as pumpkin pie folks. Just put a link on your facebook page, blog, twitter whatever form of social networking you use to my blog. Then leave me a comment in the comment section below giving me a link to whatever site you linked me on.

You can also earn extra entries by becoming a fan of laurenjean photography on facebook. Just leave me a comment under the just fans section on facebook letting me know you became a fan. You can also earn extra entries by referring friends to fan my page as well. Just have them become a fan and leave your name under the Just fan comment section on facebook.

so recap- post a link to my blog on your social networking sites. Then leave a comment on this blog with a link to where you posted so I can verify it.

then head on over to my facebook page And become a fan if you are not already. leave me a comment under the just fans section letting me know you became a fan.

Then tell your friends and share the love. Have your friends become fans of laurenjean photography . Each friend you refer who comments on the page with your name will get you another entry.

The contest will start oh lets say NOW !And go until next Wednesday. I will announce the winner and close the contest Wednesday night at Midnight.


basically be honest folks. I am sure someone , somewhere can find some loop hole I missed. Don't be that person.

The winner of the contest MUST BOOK the shoot within one week of winning for the month of April or May.
one more thing kids......

I would like to give a massive shout out to my hubby. I love you babe. Thank you so much for supporting me and my dreams.

You are awesome and I want to kiss you forever.

ok, i'm done.

On your mark

get set

GO !!!


Side by Side said...

Heck yeah sign me up for a photo session!
Just wish I did have the funds to pay you.

Here is a link to my blog where I gave you a shout out!

Jenny said...

hey there! Cute pics my friend! I have a link to you on my private blog. This is fun!! Bring on spring photo shoots :O)

Jojo said...

i love looking at all your new pics, they are all so great. i gave you a shout on my facebook page.

ps everyone loves all of my engagements. you did such a great job.

Kim said...

I'll give you a shout out on my facebook! You know how much I love taking pictures with you, you are so talented my friend!

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