Saturday, February 27, 2010

Petite peanut Etsy Shoot [ baby photographer, Mesa, Arizona] giveaway two posts below.

When I was a little girl I hated going to craft fairs with my grandma.It was a sure prescription for a day filled of never ending boredom. We would walk up and down every aisle looking at every picture of a hand-painted deer , or a wolf stitched on the back of a jacket. Nothing i ever saw ever made the inner artist in me think " hey , I wish i could make that" ( not that i don't have mad respect for all you deer painting wolf stitching peeps out there )it's just not my thing. hey, i'm just keepin it real here.

But in the past few years the term "hand-made" has taken on a whole new meaning thanks once again the wonderfulness of the internet. I am sure most of you out there are familiar with ETSY . It's like a big huge craft show, only its one filled with not only painted deers but cute hair bows and tutu's. Spending a afternoon clicking through peoples different ETSY shops definitely sparks the artist in me.


When God was handing out the crafty gene, I must have been watching you tube because I never made it to the line.

So I was so excited to help Joy promote her new ETSY shop Petite Peanut Boutique. And to make the day even better she brought her sweet daughter Miss T, who is getting ready to turn one.

Joy make darling hairbows , and tutu's. She also makes the cutest hats and her little boy's ties make me wish i had boy of my own to dress up for church.

It was a afternoon seriously filled with a over dose of cuteness.. .. Don't believe me.

look for yourself .

DSC_0044 edit 1 blog
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DSC_0099 blogDSC_0075 edit blog

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Shilo said...

I love the photos! And furthermore, I love the stuff! I might have to splurge a little and get one of those headbands for Kali--they're so cute!

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