Friday, September 10, 2010

I am happy today !

Because lexi is Star student this week and I am taking her a special lunch at school and eating it with her.
Because Myka and I made a fort out of blankets and pillows and then we played Polly pockets in it .
Because tonight is the Flourish women's conference at my AWESOME church. last years was life changing for me. I was at a rough place in life and i remember driving home late at night literally screaming at God. I know it sounds wrong to scream at God.

But I was... hes cool with it.

I screamed out my heart to God and he listened. Boy oh boy did he listen.i want you all to picture the magnitude of screaming i did here. I'm talking I shook my fists and pounded on my steering wheel. I was crying so hard my chest was heaving.

When i came home and walked in the door. Things were better. I wont go into detail , but they were better.

Now I m at a different point in life. I have different crossroads. But I am waiting to hear from god. this time I will do the listening.

The weather is cooling down here and that makes me all sorts of happy inside. A few days ago Lexi and her BFF were outside giving eachother pedicures. It was so cute.And Myka was in the thick of it.
She thinks she is a big kid.

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Robin Norgren said...

It is amazing to me that really when we are at the place that WE ARE YELLING AT GOD, we are ready to SEE......

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