Saturday, September 25, 2010

Incredible... { Arizona birth photographer}

My phone stayed by my bed for four nights straight.  
I was getting comments on facebook asking me if it was "time" yet.
My camera bag was packed and ready to go at a moments notice.

My clothes were laid out and my husband was on alert.

You may be asking what was going on. What event was putting the Mitchell house on such high alert ?
I , Lauren, was getting ready to photograph a brand new life coming into the world.
Now , I could just write this post and say I photographed a birth and it was awesome.
But that explanation would do no justice to the experience at all.

I photographed a human being. A child of God, a being who was knit together in her mothers womb first breath. I got to see what a mothers face looks like the moment she sees her baby for the first time. I was able to photograph the smallest of details at one of life's BIGGEST events.




I want to do it again. I am offering portfolio building specials for birth photography. E mail me for more info.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of the day.
And you can see the rest here.


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