Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is cool .

I love doing creative different things with my photography. I am so excited for this month. I am photographing a bridal shower that I know is going to be stunning ! And I have the chance to shoot a birth !! Ekkk !!!!!

What a honor to be asked to capture such a special moment in a persons life.

The beginning of a new one.

Yes, I do love my job.

oh, hey everyone who reads this ( I know people do ) in fact i had TWO people this weekend tell me they read my blog !!


Moving on... I started a new blog to document my personal life. Not that I don't like sharing personal things on here. But i wanted a place that I could blog about my family more, my faith , what i am making for dinner.

You get the picture.

The new blog is here. I will still be updating here all the time but it will be sneak peeks for clients and tutorials for the most part.

Please join me over here too. And leave a comment !!

Seriously i live for comments. its vain and silly i know but its nice to know that your words and thoughts aren't just bouncing into cyberspace.

NOW on to the super cool macro picture i took today with my NOT macro lens. Nope, believe it or not I took this

089 edit blog

using my nifty fifty ( 50mm 1.4 )

I found the tutorial here. If you have a dslr camera you can do this with any lens you have. Take the lens off and flip it around. Use your hand to FIRMLY hold the lens in place and look through your viewfinder. You have just created a macro lens !!

Now its not going to be the best focus because you cant manually focus or use auto focus. You just have to get really close to the thing you are photographing. Just keep moving in until the object is in focus.

I can't wait to play around with this more. I fully plan on using this trick in October at the weddings I am photographing !!

Leave some love and check out the new blog !! leave love there too !!

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Jeanette said...

Oh, what a fun trick to try! I know what my next experiment is going to be! Thanks Lauren. I'm so excited for you to get to photograph a birth! Now that would be fun!!!!! I mean I photographed one before, but to do it while you aren't the one in labor would be even better.

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