Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why have a photographer at your babies birth.

 I have had three babies.

Each labor was different.
Lexi took her time. I pushed for a hour or so.
And the epidural worked like a charm.

I have one picture.
It was taken with a fun saver.
nuff' said.

Ashlynn was fast.
I didn't have time to even get a IV.
OR a epidural !!!!

I have no pictures.

Myka was born during the age of camera phones.
So I have a few blurry camera phone snaps.

I don't remember the face my husband made when i was pushing. Or when he saw his daughter for the first time.
DSC_0316 blogI never got to see what was really happening when the nurse was weighing her and checking everything out.
DSC_0333 blog
 I can't remember the details the day, like what room I was in or what the nurse looked like.

And even if i would have had a friend with a camera there the snap shots would be just that.

Snap shots.

 I want art.
DSC_0332 editThere is NOTHING more beautiful then the birth of a baby.

YOUR baby.

Having a professional photographer there to document our birth experience means you will have beautiful images that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

It is not intrusive. Or strange. It is a way for both mother and father to experience the day as it is happening without worry of getting all the right shots. And a way to experience it again and again.

Right now I am offering portfolio building prices for birth photography. It can be a home or hospital birth.
I will meet with you before the big day to discuss every detail of your birth plan.
When the time comes you can guarantee that i will be ready to go and very respectful of your privacy.

Within 24 hours of your birth session you will have a online slideshow of beautiful images documenting your story from start to finish.
You will receive a high resolution cd with printing rights of all your images within 3 weeks.

Here is what one client had to say about having me as her birth photographer

When I got pregnant with my last baby I knew right away that I wanted a photographer to document the birth, it was something new to me, but I was super excited to try it out. I thought Lauren would do awesome because she has such a friendly & warm personality & I love her photos! Sure enough she was great to work with, she kept in touch with me throughout the pregnancy & when the time came & the baby was on her way Lauren was prompt & totally prepared! She was also very respectful of my wishes and my privacy, she & I discussed in detail every aspect of what I wanted weeks in advance, she was pretty much up for anything. I never felt like my privacy was being invaded. It was great to have her there during the labor & the birth, she's easy to talk to, and was very sweet & thoughtful, slipping out to do detail shots here & there when she saw I needed rest. I would recommend Lauren to anyone for this type of photography! Even though Lauren & I barely knew each other to begin with, when it was all over I felt like I'd had an longtime friend in the room with me. Not only is she great to work with, her work speaks for it self. The final shots left me teary eyed, and OH SO THANKFUL that I'd chosen to do this. It's so great to see the birth of my beautiful daughter through this amazing perspective! I feel like it truly captured the story of this wonderful day in our lives. If I were ever asked if I would do it all over again, or do it with future births, my answer would be "a thousand times YES!!!" Thanks again Lauren, I will cherish these photos forever! "

Contact me at for rates and more information.

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