Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 4th of July everyone !!

I will not be in stinky , sweaty, hot Arizona this 4th of July.

I will be on the beach, with my pretty just painted blue toe nails in the sand.

I hope my camera doesn't get sand in it. that would be bad.

I cant wait for Beach pictures of my girlies. And my fabulous family photo shoot I have booked in San Diego. i am hoping for a location with colors. Lots and lots of colors. Anyone have any suggestions??

Then we will come home and get on a plane and spend some time with family in the heartland.I still have openings for Wisconsin/Chicago area sessions.

As you can see July is pretty busy for me . But I am booking sessions for August.

August in really Hot out !! So I am offering a beat the heat special of just 125.00 for a family shoot. Up too 7 people.

We meet at a location of your choice. I have some great places I can suggest. We laugh, we talk, we have fun. And two weeks later you have a cd of 20-25 rockin' pictures of your family. The seriously awesome part is you can print the pictures at a lab of your choice.

They are your pictures, you should have them :)

August is the last Month I will be offering the summer special so take advantage of it folks !!!


Ris said...
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Ris said...

Balboa park (next to San Diego Zoo) has absolutely amazing colors in their little Spanish Arts Village as well as a Botanical Gardens & pond that's free. There are also a lot of cool archways and an old church/cathedral over there that are awesome places to shoot. Another fave of mine to shoot is at Sunset Cliffs, absolutely breath taking!

Kennagurl said...

thank you sooo much !!!! I will definitely head there first :) !!!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

sounds fabulous! i WAS in sweaty hot az, but we made the best of it by playing with glow sticks in the pool. :)

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

this is a great special!

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