Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Kidds

As many of you know I am a member of a awesome group of Moms called M.O.P.S . If you are a mama of a little one I HIGHLY recommend that you run, not walk and join your local M.O.P.S group. Go ahead I will wait.......

You done??


Now that we have taken care of that I want to introduce you to a Woman , and mother who I met trough M.O.P.S and has become a dear friend. ( and one of my best clients ). I remember when we did her first family session over a year ago. We met in the park and it was HOT ! It was July in Arizona people. The heat here is no joke. It was brutal. I had checked the weather before hand like I always do and the weather man had predicted nothing but hot and more hot. I though Our biggest obstacle would be the heat. I was so wrong. Right in the middle of the session the skies opened up and God sent Arizona a nice present. I imagine the amount of rain we saw fall would be on the same wave length as what Noah dealt with. But thats just my own op ion. Most families would have packed it in and rescheduled.

But Not my friend.

She smiled and laughed as we ran to find shelter at the near by armada. She giggled with her husband and asked me to take snapshots as they let their children play on the playground in the rain.

When the storm was over and the grass was almost as soaked as the children we marched up to the top of the hill where Stacy had found a sign that said peace in different languages. She told me that this is where she wanted their next pose to be. She wanted to remember the feeling of being cool because her clothes were wet in the middle of summer.She wanted to remember how happy her children looked because they had been swinging in the rain. She wanted to remember the day.

This year we did out session a little earlier in the summer. Still hot, but not brutal just yet. The Kidd kids were just a little older and so CUTE!!! Thanks for the memories Stacy. And thanks for the friendship :)


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Elaine said...

You are right beautiful family! :) I love them so much! Great shotssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

I am IN LOVE with the pic of MOMMY SO GLEEFUL in the background!

stacy said...

you make me cry.
thanks for the love!
you are such an amazingly talented artist and an incredibly beautiful friend.
thank you!!!

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