Thursday, June 17, 2010

lexi and Locks of love

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I am so stinking proud of my kid. She is pretty rad. She has been growing her hair out all year so she could donate a ponytail to locks of love. Yesterday she came to me and announced in a very grown up voice that it was time. It was also time for little miss M's first haircut .


How did my baby get big enough for a haircut ? I must stop blinking. Everything is going by to fast. Lexi is old enough to understand how to be giving of herself. She made a choice to go without so that someone else may have.It makes my heart sing.
Myka is experiencing a new first every time I turn around. I swear she will be going off to college before I know it.

And Ashlynn got her bangs trimmed. My sweet Ash. Her hair has some more growing to do before she is ready to donate to Locks of love. And she has had her first haircut already. She truly is the middle child.

Sorry Kiddo :)

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